Indian golfers at Royal Palm to revive friendship


The visiting senior golfers from Delhi are here in Lahore to play golf and also revive friendships and in some cases pay a visit to the ancestral places of their elders.
Playing golf and contesting under the banner of Delhi Explorers this eight member golf team played golf at the majestic Royal Palm Golf Course yesterday and included Admiral S. Jain, Vice Admiral S. C. Chopra, Air Marshall D. S. Sabhiki, R. M. Kaul of Air India, Ashok Malik, businessman, Mona Primlani, Mukta Malhotra(lady golfer) and Capt M. S. Kohli, the leader of Delhi Explorers.
During the golf playing round at Royal Palm they matched wits and golfing abilities with a few seasoned golfers of Lahore and they included Khalid Amir Khan, a former ambassdor, Col(r)Rao Qamar, Tariq Jamil, Brig(r)Javed Sheikh and Dr Tariq Malik.
The Indians were accurate off the tees and found the excellent fairways to their liking and really enjoyed their shot making. The only lady golfer amongst them Mukta Malhotra is certainly an accomplished golfer and has won many tournaments in India and yesterday appeared to be the best one, in fine trim and a smooth golf swing.
“I am really amazed at the hospitality of our Pakistani hosts, of course not that we expected anything less”, said Mukta, a businesswoman who has a thriving clothing business in Delhi. ‘I normally practise at the prestigious DLF Golf Course in Delhi and love every moment of it and would love and would be honored if the lady golfers from Pakistan could visit us”.
Another lady from India Usha Malik wife of Ashok Malik stated that a vist to Royal Palm is going to be a memorable one and “I can only say that the golf course is a beauty”.
As regards the leader of the delegation Capt(r)M. S. Kohli, he is nationally known in India for his mountaineering expeditions and was the first one to conquer the Himalyas in 1971.