FCR tribunal chairman orders complete check up of Dr Shakil Afridi


Peshawar Commissioner Dr Tariq Jamil, also the chairman of the Frontier Crimes Regulations (FCR) Tribunal, on Thursday ordered a complete medical check up of Dr Shakil Afridi, imprisoned for 33 years on charges of helping the US nab al Qaeda chief Osama Bin Laden.
Jamil issued the orders while hearing pleas by Shakil’s brother Jamil Afridi for a review of the sentence. Latif Afridi, Samiullah Afridi and others represented Shakil in the preliminary hearing of the appeal against the Khyber Agency Political Administration’s decision that gave the sentence and a fine of Rs 330,000.
The state was represented by Iqbal Advocate, however Shakil, who was represented by a penal of lawyers headed by Latif Afridi, was not produced in court.
After hearing the arguments in favour and against the appeal, the tribunal adjourned proceedings until December 13.
The chairman directed the Health Department to carry out a detailed medical check up and provision of maximum health facilities to Dr Shakil.
Through an application, Jamil Afridi alleged that Shakil had recently been tortured by police personnel after his interview to a foreign media group.
The torture led to chest infection, therefore, he requested the court to direct the quarters concerned to ensure Shakil was provided complete medical care.
Earlier, Latif Afridi pleaded the FCR tribunal chairman to declare null and void the sentence awarded to Dr Shakil Afridi. He said under the FCR, an assistant political agent had no powers to sentence any accused for more than three years, while in case of Dr Shakil, the APA made a decision much beyond his powers.
He pleaded the court to set aside the verdict. Similarly, Latif Afridi pointed out that Dr Shakil was tried under CrPC 121-a/FCR- 11. However, under the section, a person could only be tried if the president or governor lodged a formal complaint in written with the political administration of any tribal agency that the accused was indulging in acts contrary to interests of the state, he said.
Afridi said the AP mentioned nothing about such a complaint in his verdict, adding that that made the sentence awarded to Dr Shakil unlawful.
On the other hand, Iqbal advocate defended the sentence awarded to Dr Shakil Afridi, saying he belonged to the tribal areas and under FCR, the administration had the power to take action against all those who were involved in criminal acts or acts contrary to state’s interests.