Daniel Craig best Bond ever, says Sir Roger Moore


Daniel Craig is the best James Bond, so good in fact that he may have given the franchise another 50 years of life. Those aren’t the words of the random man on the street, but of an ex-James Bond himself, Sir Roger Moore. The 86-year-old star loves new 007 flick ‘Skyfall so much that he apparently wishes that when he wrote his book, ‘Bond on Bond’, including the opinion that Sean Connery was the best Bond, he’d been able to include a chapter on the latest man to take on the role of the suave secret agent. Talking to NBC, when asked if he’d revised his opinion of who was the best Bond he stated: “If I had been able to see ‘Skyfall’ before finishing the book, I would have then had to have written a chapter about Daniel Craig, who is a superb Bond.“ The actor, who starred in seven Bond movies, including classics like ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’ and ‘The Man With The Golden Gun’ even said that he thinks the latest movie has guaranteed that we’ll see another half century of James risking all for Queen and country, adding: “I think it has guaranteed another 50 years for the franchise.” When asked about what he would have put in the chapter Moore said: “I would have liked to talk about his performance in ‘Casino Royale’. But with Sam Mendes directing, “Skyfall” to me is just an extraordinary piece of motion picture.”