Australian scientists claim South Pacific Island does not exist at all


Australian scientists from the University of Sydney discovered in the third week of November 2012 that the South Pacific Island which is located between Australia and New Caledonia in South Pacific is not in existence. The island is shown on the marine charts, world maps as well as Google Earth, but in reality it has no existence. Geologists from the University of Sydney became suspicious about its existence when navigation charts which are used by ships showed 1400 metres depth in the area while the scientific maps as well as Google Earth showed large island at that place. When the geologists sailed through the place, they found nothing except the blue ocean. The error had broadcasted through to world coastline database, which is responsible for making a lot of maps. It is notable that the island which does not exist at all has also appeared in the scientific publications since 2000. No one has an idea how island appears on a lot of maps.