ACCA hold accountants’ moot


ACCA Pakistan organised Accountants for Business Global Forum Pakistan 2012 on 20 November 2012 at Marriott Hotel, Karachi. The event aimed to surface the challenges facing businesses and in particular the accountancy profession through an exciting mix of three panel discussions
Nasim Beg set the scene for the first panel discussion on the rise of capital markets. Speaking at the event Nasim commented, “The fiduciary responsibilities need to be managed when raising capital. A private equity model in a regulated environment will help growing businesses to access capital from public at large.” The second panel discussion titled “building a better business through diversity” emphasised that in today’s world accountants need to have diverse skills, knowledge and experience in order to enable them to think laterally which will help them to become leaders of tomorrow.
ICI Pakistan Chief Executive Officer Waqar Malik, started the third panel discussion “tempering the pursuit of profits” by highlighting that “the pursuit of sustainable and long term profits can be achieved only through managing risks ethically”. The event featured high caliber delegates and industry experts. The symposium concluded with a vote of thanks by ACCA Pakistan Members Network Panel Vice chairman Muhammad Fahad who said, “ACCA Pakistan accountancy futures agenda at its heart; the current global economic situation, while posing undoubted threats to businesses here in Pakistan, also provides a great many opportunities for future growth and I am grateful to all today for effectively contributing towards determining the road map to do so.”


  1. I regret ACCA is fleecing the young Pakistanis in the name of different fees etc. When qualified ACCA comes in the market he does not get reasonable remuneration. His pay back period is far more as compared to other accountants,

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