Sylvester Stallone Joins Klitschko Brothers In ‘Rocky’ Musical


Think of Sylvester Stallone and musicals aren’t the first thing you think of, explosions yes, punches yes, but musical numbers and dancing? Similarly the Klitschko brothers are more known for their jab and upper-cut than their note perfect choruses. However the trio have teamed up to turn Stallone’s hit movie ‘Rocky’ into a musical which premiered in Germany on Sunday. The Hollywood action star, who recently had a role in ‘The Expendables 2’, joined the heavyweight champion boxers in Hamburg Vladimir and Vitali Klitschko for the musical version of his 1976 ring classic. In a statement, reported by MSN UK, Stallone said: “I’m so happy. It’s amazing that the Klitschkos are here and they’re giving birth to something that is first on the planet. I’m proud of you guys. I’m proud of Hamburg. Thank you!” In the same statement Vitali added: “Sylvester Stallone is the Pope of Rocky. Without Sylvester, nothing happens. He’s given birth to the idea and we’ve had lots of fun during our cooperation. We’re very convinced it will be successful.” The strange combination of singing, dancing and boxing will transfer to Broadway in 2013.