OGRA chairman warns CNG owners planning to observe strike


Chairman Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) Saeed Akhtar on Thursday said that owners of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) filling station should close down their businesses if they considers it a non-profitable but they could not be allow to go on strike.
Talking to media persons outside Lahore High Court, he said that the decision for increasing CNG price would be made keeping in view the best interest of the consumers.
The chairman ORGA said that authority would take action against those CNG owners who observe strike to press the unlawful demands.
He said that CNG filling station owners could close down their businesses if they have complained in this regard but would not be allowed to give a strike call.


  1. This chairman is most highly taken commission agent of all these CNG dealers.Without his consent/aid it is impossible for them to act like gas maifa of Pakistan.Pakistan is few of hundred poor countries that uses fossil fuels for running cars.Hardly any other country can think of doing so as here mafias control the state policies for their personal greed.

  2. Madam,
    Do u know the meaning of fossil fuels? Petrol and Diesel are also fossil fuels so u mean to say that only few countries are running their cars on Petrol/Diesel/LPG/CNG. I am greatful that you are not saying people to stop cooking/eating, because it can also save the "Fossil Fuels".

    Neem Hakeem is Balai jaan so please dont comment on those subject on which you dont have any info.

    who is Mafia and who is not, u will know when CNG Stations will close and we all have to run our cars on "Cheap Petrol" instead of "Expensive CNG".

    CJ stopped privitization process in 2007 and now "profitable" organizations like PIA, Steel Mill, Railways are eating up billions of exchequer.

    HIstory is repeating itself…

    but people will forget tht who killed this cheap fuel, we are a nation which only keep improving only one thing and that is its mistake….

    God Bless Pakistan…

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