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Tennis champion Venus Williams visits Chatham Hall

“Keep your eye on the ball,” one of Venus Williams’ most persuasive pieces of advice, is a value by which she lives her life, both on and off of the tennis court.
Williams, an international tennis champion, entrepreneur, fashion designer and best-selling author, is the epitome of a strong, goal-oriented, well-rounded and successful woman. Williams visited Chatham Hall as the school’s 2012-13 Leader in Residence, meeting with intimate groups of students for discussions and meals and delivering a keynote address to students and community members. She exuded power, confidence and kindness as she told anecdotes about her childhood and motivations to succeed. She welcomed the students into her life as she related moving, motivational and downright hilarious tales of growing up in Compton, Calif. Williams, unexpectedly soft-spoken for a champion of an often-aggressive sport, thoughtfully chose her words before responding to questions posed by students. She emphasized the importance of actions, sincerity, goals and politeness. Williams is a powerful woman in action, achievement, influence, morals, stature and message. Extremely goal oriented, she credited her parents’ drive and discipline and the teachings of her childhood, although somewhat unconventional, for her success today, stating, “Sometimes, as women, we aren’t always taught to be strong growing up, but … growing up, my mom was the strongest woman that I have ever met, and she wanted all of us to be strong. … Strength is not only physical. It comes on all levels, emotionally and in strength of character as well.”Williams also discussed the importance of confidence and positive role models, saying that she derives her confidence from tennis and has built upon it through trial and error and building herself up over the years.
“Sometimes, you’re gonna fail, but that’s OK. Risk failure. You have to take risks to have opportunities and open doors. You have to try again or try something new; don’t let failure affect your confidence,” she said.
Williams encouraged her audience to follow the “three Ds” of which one of her four sisters, tennis champion Serena Williams, once advised her: discipline, determination and dedication, three qualities which Williams herself embodies. In her address, she also focused on leadership and the paths necessary to achieve it; her main piece of advice was to write down your goals.
“Keep a notebook of those goals and notes. That makes it real. I encourage you to write it down. It reminds you not only of what you want to achieve right now, but also in the future,” she said.

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