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Mukhtar apprises PM about current energy situation

Federal Minister for Water and Power Chaudhry Ahmed Mukhtar called on Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf here Wednesday and apprised him about the current energy situation in the country.
The Minister said that in accordance with the directions of the Prime Minister every effort is being made to improve service delivery and manage the available electricity to ensure minimum load-shedding in the country.
The Prime Minister asked the Minister to sensitize the people about the energy conservation. He said that in case of load-shedding it should be publicized to the general public well in advance so that they can adjust their engagements accordingly.
The Prime Minister directed the Ministry of Water and Power to take effective measures to ensure that the entire energy chain works in sink so that efficiency of the system can be further improved.

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  1. m.aslam ch said:

    All just eyewash. Practical efforts to generate more electicity for narrowing supply / ever increasind demand are just marginal. Various mophias has been created by vested interest to further creat mess.Bad governance, corrupt/inefficient burearucracy are behind this mess.180 million people are sufferers/ victom.but who care?

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