Malik should resign for making ‘childish’ law and order moves: APML


All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) on Tuesday demanded the resignation of Interior Minister Abdul Rehman Malik for his alleged failure to maintain a peaceful law and order situation, especially during Muharram, in Karachi.
The Musharraf-led APML said the interior minister instead of producing solid and practicable solutions to the menace was using “childish” tactics to conceal his personal inefficiency.
The demand was made in a statement issued here from the central information secretariat by APML spokesperson Aasia Ishaque. She said Malik should come forward with solid solutions to resolve the issue of deteriorating law and order situation instead of adopting “childish strategies”.
She said due to a partial ban on motorcycle riding, the people of Karachi and Quetta were facing hardships in carrying out everyday business which was not fair for the common people and the government as well.
She further said that it was a matter of interest that members of the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) were not accepting the policies and decisions made by Malik, adding that how could the common people of Karachi and Quetta accept his unjustified decisions.
Moreover, she said that the present government had pushed people to the wall and the nation was suffering mental torture due to the useless policies and decisions of the rulers.
The APML spokesperson urged the government to hold elections on time as people would elect the genuine leadership of APML which was fit to run the affairs of the country.
She informed that APML’s candidates would contest election from every constituency and would win their respective seats to serve the people and the country.


  1. A Rehman Malik play a dirty game for Zardari. Enjoying the minister portfolio for the cost of blood of Karachi people.

  2. An Ex- Suprintendant of IB, if given National level responsibility only for his sycophancy instead of merit, will create such nuisance. Overall this government wants to snatch away all facilities provided by the last government on one pretext or the other. No eletricity, as Musharraf took away electricity. No CNG, because Musharraf mis- calculated the production visa consumption of natural gas.
    No railway, as Musharraf sold out railway lands and so on, no diesel, no petrol.
    Now why should the people enjoy mobile phone service and cheap motorcycle service, which was given by the Musharraf government? IN SHORT
    They are pushing the people out of the country as stated by previous premier Gilani Sahib. Only those will stay back, who will accept them as their leaders from the core of their heart.

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