‘D-8 countries capable of improving their economies by trade cooperation’


Analyst Dr. Asimullah Bakhsh has said that D-8 countries have capacity to improve their economies due to trade cooperation. Talking to a private news channel, he said that D-8 member countries could provide products of good quality in agriculture and industrial sectors. He said that these countries should set realistic goals. He added that member countries should remove trade barriers especially custom duties. In response to a question former senior president of Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce Raja Amir Iqbal said that D-8 countries could achieve their trade target of 500 billion dollars in 2018. He said that Indonesia, Malaysia and Turkey could invest in Pakistani textiles and auto parts if our energy problem is resolved. He said that Pakistani businessmen could take advantage by enhancing exports to Turkey, Egypt and Nigeria.


  1. To enhance trade relations, first you have to create congenial atmosphere between the countries and then work on avenues of enhancing trade among countries. Just for example, we are trying to enhance trade with India. Now india is dumping its substandard products but reluctant to buy pakistan products or say invest in mega projects like energy, cement, steel etc. Visa facilitation that india has granted to pakistanis is just a joke. Does it happen in any country in the World that host country grant you visa just for one /two cities. Visa is granted for the whole country. In India if some one mistakingly enter in other city /town their law enforcing will arrest and put him behind bars, I am born in India and wish to see and visit the soil but will never go to India.What to talk of trading with india. it is just eye wash and all against the interest of pakistan.

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