Rind holds Raisani responsible for Balochistan crises


Former federal minister and chief of Rind tribe, Yar Muhammad Rind, on Sunday held Balochistan Chief Minister Aslam Raisani responsible for the deteriorating law and order in the province.
He also said both rival tribes, Rind and Raisani, had already signed reconciliatory pact in the murder case of father of Nawabzada Raisani in the presence of Khan of Qalat and several other tribal elders, but the Raisani brothers were bent on taking revenge from him.
“Former premiers, four chief ministers and 70 tribal elders went to their house and sought reconciliation on my behalf, but their stubbornness barred them from taking a wise and rational decision,” he said, adding that their elder brother and legal heir of chief of the Raisani tribe, Nawabzada Aminullah Raisani, signed a peace pact.
He said due to irresponsible and irrational attitude of the chief minister, not a single wise individual was ready to deal with him.
“Not a single settler has been killed by Baloch people. The Balochistan Nifaz-e-Aman Movement led by Siraj Raisani, the CM’s brother, is behind all killings and abduction for ransom and other crimes,” Rind said.
“I am a major looser due to the mass migration of Punjabi settlers due to conditions created by the Raisani bothers, as a majority of settlers moved others areas of the country from areas lying in my constituency,” he said, claiming that immigrants were his supporters and voters.
Rind further said that due to bad governance, corruption and bribery, the chief minister had fixed a rate of each job from Rs 7 million to Rs 35 million.
He observed that after repeated follies committed by Aslam Raisani and consistent failures in running the affairs of the province, he expected President Asif Ali Zardari to remove him from office, “but unfortunately, the president has disappointed the Baloch people who had high expectations of him”.
“Such a state of affairs has further aggravated the sense of deprivation among the Baloch people, despite the fact that the federal government provided funds of Rs 172 billion in the last few years,” he said.
Rind said the corrupt chief minister and his aides had consumed millions in the name of development schemes, but only in files and papers, but nothing was apparent on the ground.
“Furthermore, the conditions in Balochistan have remained unchanged due to a lack of interest of the chief minister, who instead of paying heed to vital matters, prefers to act as a joker and enjoy motorbike rides on spacious roads of Islamabad,” Rind added.

Umrani demands Raisani’s resignation

Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Balochistan President Mir Sadiq Umrani on Sunday demanded the resignation of Chief Minister Nawab Aslam Raisani. Talking to Online he said that after Supreme Court in its interim order asserted that the provincial government had completely failed in preventing target killings, kidnappings for ransom and human rights violations, the chief minister has no right to run the province. Commenting on the provincial cabinet meeting in Islamabad which was presided over by Aslam Raisani, Umrani said that the chief minister is violating the court’s decision.