Qazi Hussain Ahmed escapes bomb attack in Mohmand


Former chief of the Jamaat-i-Islami (JI), Qazi Hussain Ahmed narrowly escaped a bomb attack on his convoy in Gandau, Mohmand tribal region on Monday.
Five people including the bodyguard were injured in the attack.
According to the details, a suicide bomber detonated the explosives near vehicle carrying Hussain.
A vehicle was also partially damaged in the blast.
JI chief was heading to Mian Mandi, Mohmand tribal region to address a congregation of the party and to inaugurate a centre of the organisation.
Sources said that the attacker was dressed up in a burqa and was suspected to be a woman.


  1. Escaped ??? why he is secured on such deadly attacks and for common people crackers like bomb killed 2 to 3 people on dialy basis.Why terrorists ignore high profile Pakistanis and always love to kill common man/?

  2. I hope he now realizes what scum Talibans are and tell his buddy Munawar "No Clue" Hassan how much idiot he sounds when he sings praises of talibans

  3. This suicide attack looks as if staged because it was not result oriented. This poor and innocent girl lost her life without hitting Bulls Eyes. JI now claims that this was done by Americans and not their kids known as Taliban. Thorough investigation should be initiated. I am sure the girl is innocent.

  4. How would Mr Qazi feel if we say this attack was stage like he and others like him said about brutal attempt on Malala?

  5. It should be condemned highly.these activities and deadly attacks can not harm our morale being pakistanis.I also pray for the health and safety of qazi sahib and all my pakistanis.

  6. I thank Almighty Allah Who saved the life of the great leader of Muslim world. No doubt , this has been done by Americans to spread sectarianism.

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