Stray dogs continue to be a problem for citizens


The presence of a large number of stray dogs in residential areas of the provincial capital and adjacent rural environs is constant trouble for the people as authorities concerned have yet to take measures to eliminate them.
Stray dogs wander in the areas including Allama Iqbal Town, Garhi Shahu, Railway Station, Johar Town, Ghaziabad, Faisal Town, Township, Lahore General Bus Stand and Rewaz Garden and several other developed residential areas.
The residents said that they were hesitant to walk on roads and streets after the sun sets.
“The number of stray dogs in our area is increasing for the last several months”, said Nadeem Cheema, a resident of Township.
He said proper planning to purge the area of these stray dogs was missing.
Hajra, a resident of Johar Town said, she has feared stray dogs ever since she was attacked one night. “I keep my doors locked at all times and never allow my children to go out for playing,” she said.
“The dogs are usually seen around garbage heaps during the day, while they wander on roads and streets at night”, said another resident.
“The stray dogs come out on to the streets mostly late in the evening and attack pedestrians,” said Kamran Khan, a resident of Allama Iqbal Town.
He said that in the past the concerned authorities used to take action for eliminating stray dogs but nowadays a large number of dogs can be seen wandering around the locality.
It might be a trivial issue for the concerned authorities but it really is a serious problem for the residents, remarked another resident.
These citizens have appealed to the concerned authorities to take notice of the situation.