Rawalpindi without Large City Package for current year


Important roads of the city could not be repaired or widened as Rawalpindi could not get Large City Package from the Punjab government for the current fiscal year.
According to sources, the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) prepared a summary regarding the renovation of Airport Road from flying club to Koral Chowk with the estimated cost of Rs250 million, but the project could not be initiated due to non provision of the Large City Package by the Punjab government.
Similarly, widening and repairing of the Stadium Road was estimated to cost around Rs100 million. Furthermore, the estimated cost of renovation of Adiala Road from Government Servant Housing Foundation to Adyala Jail was Rs300 million.
Moreover, the estimated cost of Lehtar Road from Sadiqabad to Islamabad was Rs150 million and that of Sir Syed Chowk from Tipu Road to Airport Road at Rs100 million.
It is worth mentioning here that no funds were previously released for these projects. The RDA had asked the provincial government for the Large City Package for repairing and widening of the roads but the package had not yet been provided to them despite the lapse of four months.