PML-F demands army operation to restore peace in metropolis


Pakistan Muslim League-Functional (businessmen forum) President Gulzar Firoze demanded an operation cleanup by Pakistan Army against criminals in Karachi.
Gulzar Firoze was talking to journalists at a local hotel and accused the Sindh government of not honoring the verdicts of the Supreme Court regarding restoration of peace in the metropolis. He said that PML-F always condemned target killings and extortion in Karachi.
He said that “all political parties are involved in extortion directly or indirectly and numerous businessmen and industrialists had registered their complaints to political parties with proofs of high echelons of the party office bearers facilitating the extortion mafias as god fathers. However these industrialists and businessmen were given life threats as a response.”
He said there had been no investment spending in Karachi during the last three years and added that industries especially textile units were being relocated to Bangladesh and Punjab. He said that if the government was serious in restoring law and order in Karachi, life would echo sanity in the city within a couple of months. He concluded that if the Federal and provincial governments did not comply with the orders of Supreme Court, incidents of the target killing, extortion and unrest would continue and added that the government was not serious in reinstating order in the city as it wanted to use Karachi as an excuse to postpone elections.