Corruption a slap in Punjab govt’s face: Agha


Pakistan Muslim League Quaid (PML-Q) Central Information Secretary Senator Kamil Ali Agha on Friday said that latest fraud of Rs 3.50 billion in the Forensic Science Laboratory in Punjab is like a slap on the face of present rulers of the province who are hurling accusations on others.
In a statement, he said that the present government of Punjab, despite its efforts to find any irregularities in the public welfare projects initiated by Pervez Elahi, has failed to not only accuse Elahi of corruption, but has also managed to expose details of its own corrupt dealings.
He said out of 3500 vouchers of equipment and material purchased for Punjab Forensic Science Laboratory, audit of only 252 has so far been done and irregularities amounting to Rs 3.54 billion have been pointed out whereas the real total value of looted money is more than Rs 13 billion. He said as more and more vouchers are audited, more corruption will be revealed.
The senator further said that every project of Shahbaz Sharif’s government which has so far been audited, corruption of billions of rupees has been uncovered in it. He said the latest “forensic fraud” is not an allegation leveled by the political opponents but it has been detected by the team of the Punjab Audit director general along with documented evidence.


  1. Dr.Muhammad Asraf Tahir Director General Punjab Forensic Science Agency- corrupt, criminal minded and fraud “bahropia” person-badluck of Punjab province – a crook person heading Forensic laboratory. convicted in usa- doing two jobs at a time-see website of Cuyahoga county coroner’s office usa. pocketed crores of rupees from forensic laboratory –invested in dubai-got advisership in dubai by using Lahore forensic lab as marketing tool. Knows nothing about forensic sciences. Unnecessary purchases made in laboratory-wasting crores of rupees. Chief minister Punjab requested to make a committee consisting of professor of forensic medicine, professor of pathology and vice chancellor king Edward medical university to assess his knowledge otherwise CM Punjab will cut a sorry figure lateron.

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