Rolling Stones greatest hits album ‘Grrr!’ brings no ‘Doom and Gloom’ to ears


Rock ‘n’ roll legends the Rolling Stones released its 60th album Tuesday, and it is no let down. The group is celebrating 50 years together, and to commemorate the milestone it released “Grrr!,” a greatest hits album with two newly recorded tracks, “Doom and Gloom” and “One More Shot.” The new songs are two of the better songs that the group has released in quite some time. “Doom and Gloom” has a classic Rolling Stones feel to it, and Mick Jagger and guitarist Keith Richards sound great on the track, especially for men of their ages, 69 and 68, respectively. “One More Shot” sounds more like many of the band’s hits from the 1980s with more of an upbeat sound. “Grrr!” is offered in five different versions, some of which include 50 tracks to commemorate 50 years, and a special edition that offers 80 tracks. All four versions start out with “Come On,” the band’s first hit single from 1963, which was actually a cover of a Chuck Berry song. The 50-track versions of “Grrr!” then move through the band’s career before ending with the two new tracks.


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