NAB initiates probe against six top military officials


National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has initiated inquiry against two generals and four brigadiers on charges of corruption in DHA Islamabad.
The military officers are accused of signing and implementing three controversial contracts with Bahria Town which resulted in loss to the tune of Rs 100 billion to DHA while some one hundred and fifty thousand people lost their savings.
Those who lost their lifetime savings include serving and former military officers, JCOs, NCOs and civilians, said Lt. Col. M Tariq Kamal (Retired) in a statement issued here today.
He said that the internal accountability system of defence forces is getting ineffective which has brought a bad name to army as senior military officers are being dragged in courts.
He said that only way to save reputation of the institution responsible for safeguarding geographical and ideological boundaries is to introduce a fool proof accountability system in defence forces which will also deter servicemen from indulging in any wrongdoing.
Irregularities in the defence forces should be taken seriously and resolved before any public uproar or involvement of NAB, Public Accounts Committee, media or any other organisation, he recommended.
Col. Tariq said that higher judiciary is beacon of hope for people of Pakistan without which we have no future. Similarly, media has become very important player in pointing out weaknesses in the system and recommending improvements.
Dispelling the impression against judiciary and media he said, “Judiciary and media is not against the army but corruption.”
He said that apart from those who entered into illegal contracts with Bahria Town to deprive masses of billions, those officials of DHA Islamabad who are executing these contracts and those who are ignoring probe are equally responsible.


  1. The Admiral needs to be investigated first then the rest.About the "beacon of hope" less said the better.

  2. How about implementing a fool proof accountability system in the government which should send about 99% of the officials to jail.But does anyone have the guts to do that,does anyone have the courage,I don't think so

  3. Being an army officer these days is big business. Being a politician is even bigger and being the dalal of SACH HAQ's family is the biggest of all. There is big money.

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