Draconian measures needed


The law and order situation in Karachi is deteriorating by the day with blind killings of all sorts of people that has prompted Mr Mustafa Kamal to cry out for prime minister to leave his mundane affairs to focus on Karachi. It appears the provincial govt has utterly failed to control the mayhem which needs draconian measures by the federal govt to save the lives of people. If harsh laws are needed to prosecute the culprits, these may be enacted like the summary military courts to give speedy punishments to hardened criminals that are running wild in the city like a jungle. Even if a single innocent person is killed it is like killing the entire humanity as per Islam. The situation ought to bring frown on the face of prime minister instead of smiles if he has any genuine concern to control the situation by all means. If the situation is allowed to drift, a Beirut like civil war would result decimating Karachi. The city is hub of industries and business for Pakistan and it cannot be allowed to drift and sink in public disorder of terrible nature. The federal govt must take requisite steps to stem the killing in the city.