Army and judiciary


This is apropos to the statements of General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani and Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry that appeared on the same day, 5 November, 2012. It was mere a coincidence that army chief and chief justice addressed their respective audience on the same day and contents of their statements were also released on the same day. However, it is ironic that some segments of print and electronic media resorted to manipulating the speeches to create sense of confrontation between the two prestigious national institutions.
Nobody can deny the fact that conspiracy against Pakistan army is on so as to weaken Pakistan. Every now and then the conspirators continue to devise new modes and tactics to create a rift in army or between the masses and the army. The objective of these foreign backed conspirators has been to weaken an Islamic nuclear power state. The army chief had the moral responsibility to point out all such ill designs to the nation, which he did on November 5, 2012.
On the other hand, in the address of the chief justice, there was no rejection of army or armed forces as an institution or undermining their roles. Rather he too was emphasising on the supremacy of constitution and the rule of law. The agenda to create fissure between army and judiciary is detrimental to spirit of nation harmony and smooth functioning of state. Therefore, instead of polluting the masses and provoking institutions against each other by giving misconstrued and sensationalism statements, media should play positive role instead of joining hands with the enemies of Pakistan.