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President Zardari assures transparent elections on time

President Asif Ali Zardari on Wednesday reassured that transparent general elections would be held on time and those elected will ‘get to rule the country’ for the next term.
President Zardari has assured that general elections will be held in time which will be completely free‚ transparent and fair in all manners, adding that electoral rolls were made in such a way that could prevent rigging.
Addressing an Eid Millan Party in Malikwal, Mandi Bahauddin, the President said that it was part of terrorist’s policy to aggravate situation in Karachi to engage the state and undermine its efforts against war on terror.
He added that state was not failed in Karachi, but enemies were spreading chaos in the country.
The President said the conspiracy campaign being run against incumbent government and Pakistan. Government was fighting against a particular mindset, Zardari said, added that, they all would sink if the country does not go ahead.
Beginning his speech by roaring ‘Pakistan Khappey’, the president chose Punjabi as the medium of language. He revealed that he was approached to boycott the elections but he told them that ‘politics isn’t done that way’.
Zardari reiterated during his speech that it is only democracy with which the country can survive, adding that if doesn’t progress, the nation also wouldn’t. He vowed to take Pakistan to ‘the 21st century’. He also said that democracy has yet to grow and flourish in Pakistan.
The president recalled that he had spent four years of his youth in the jails of Punjab. He furthered that ‘politics should not be turned into personal enmity’.
He remarked that history will decide who was right, but at this point in time they stand successful, adding that even their rivals accept that they have strengthened the parliament and transferred powers to it.
The President said he will respect the mandate of people and all measures have been taken to ensure holding of free and fair elections. He said that preparation of voter lists and appointment of independent Chief Election Commissioner are examples in this regard.
He pledged to the people and political forces that power would be transferred to any one mandated by the electorate. He said politics is worship for him and whosoever will disturb him in worship he will wage a war against him.
The President said politicians should not go to extremes and he advises his friends and foes to show patience. The President said it was for the first time in the history of the country that the parliament was going to complete its tenure.
He said it was Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto who gave power of vote to the poor and now every political force has to reach out to the masses to secure their favour and support.
The President urged political parties not to stretch their difference too far and demonstrate tolerance and accommodation. He said there is need to strengthen political parties as only then we can put the country on the road to progress and prosperity.
President Zardari said the PPP is working to turn Pakistan into state that can meet challenges of the twenty-first century. The President said Benazir Bhutto had said that 1990s elections were snatched and today it has been proved.
President Zardari said democracy is not the expression of magnanimity with someone but it is the future of our young generation. He said those who are hatching conspiracies against democracies will never succeed in their nefarious designs as the whole nation and political leadership stands united to save the country.
President Zardari paying tribute to the political parties said they all play their due role in steering the country out of crisis. He said that politics should remain politics and must not turn into enmity for the sake of the country and democracy.
The President said he took along people and other political parties so as to secure future of our children. He said our survival is deeply linked to the survival of the country.
He said those who called themselves lion were of the opinion to boycott 2008 elections but we pursued them to take part in the election to get rid of Gen. Musharraf. But he said they part their ways after some times but we never closed our doors for them.
The President said law and order situation in Karachi is being deliberately created to divert our attention from war against terror. He said situation in Karachi is not the failure of the state but some hidden powers are involved in destabilizing peace in the city under a planned strategy but their designs will be foiled with the power of the people.
He said attack on Malala is expression of a mindset and we have to cope with that mindset. He said it was attack on the education of female folk.
President Zardari said the PPP is working to turn Pakistan into state that can meet challenges of the twenty-first century. He said we have a vision for Pakistan for the next twenty-five and fifty years to save future of our generations. He said we want Pakistan to become a country which is not feared by any one.
He said the Government is not only pursuing policy of reconciliation at home but also working hard to strengthen Pakistan’s relations with other regional countries.
Earlier‚ Federal Minister and Central Punjab President‚ Mian Manzoor Ahmed Wattoo‚ Federal Minister‚ Nazar Muhammad Gondal‚ Chairman Pakistan Baitul Maal Zamurd Khan and PPP leader Nadeem Afzal Chan addressed the Eid Milan party.

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