Pak Navy is alert on sea borders: Naval Chief


Chief of Naval Staff Admiral Muhammad Asif Sandila Tuesday said Pakistan Navy is fully capable to fend off all sorts of challenges—conventional or non-conventional.
Talking to senior journalists here, he asserted the Pakistan’s naval force has its eyes and ears open watching over its marine fronts. Pak Navy is partaking in development projects including Gwadar Port also in other Balochistan areas, the naval chief remarked. “We are capitalizing on all resources to make naval force correspond to the modern requirements,” the chief of Pak Navy maintained.


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  2. Dear thinker—I am a bit confused at your comments. Please could you kindly dilate on this?. What has this got to do with the naval chief,s speech.

    • Actually he become emotional after knowing that Pak navy is alert on border as after Silalaa, abbotbad and mehran base we have all come to know that they are usually busy in toasting/sleeping\enjoying life in mess when enemies are active on our side and killing or fellow men.

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