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Free, compulsory education bill passed

National Assembly (NA) on Tuesday unanimously passed “The Right to Free and Compulsory Education Bill‚ 2012” moved by Yasmeen Rehman.
The bill provides for free and compulsory education to all children of the age of five to sixteen years. The bill has already been passed by the Senate.
Speaking on the occasion‚ Minister for Religious Affairs Syed Khurshid Shah said that the free and compulsory education of the children is basic priority of the government. He expressed the hope that after the passage of the bill the provinces will also follow it and do legislation accordingly.
Six bills were also introduced in the National Assembly.
The bills are “The Control of Narcotics Substances (Amendment) Bill‚ 2012‚ “The Pakistan Psychological Regulatory Authority Bill‚ 2012″‚ The Pakistan Food Security for Poor People Bill‚ 2012″‚ The Criminal Law (Amendment) Bill‚ 2012″‚The Protection and Welfare of Khawaja Saras Rights Bill‚ 2012″‚ “The Criminal Law (Amendment) Bill‚ 2012”.

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  1. SACH HAQ said:

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    • desi said:

      I believe you went to one of those schools you idiot,you cannot make one educated comment on any issue even if your life depended on it.Ignorant??? or ignorance,you fit the bill first and foremost.

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