Spot fixing: Pakistani cricketers were innocent, claims Hawkins


British Journalist Ed Hawkins has made yet another claim that the Pakistani cricketers who were earlier believed to be involved in spot fixing were innocent.
Ed Hawkins, in his soon to be published book ‘Bookie Gambler Fixer Spy: Journey to the corrupt heart of cricket’s underworld’, has claimed that the three Pakistani cricketers including Salman Butt, Mohammad Amir and Mohammad Asif were innocent and that they were schemed in the spot fixing case.
He said that in India, fixing in not done on no-balls and therefore, Justice Cook’s verdict regarding the involvement of three Pakistani cricketers in spot fixing was unjust.
It is pertinent to mention that the three cricketers have already served their sentence in the UK jails for their involvement in spot fixing.
The journalist had earlier claimed that the semi-final between Pakistan and India of the Cricket World Cup 2011 was fixed.
According to Hawkins, the bookie had a contract with Pakistan which stipulated that the team would lose the match by a margin of over 20 runs.
The bookie had further said that India batting first would make 260 runs and their first three wickets would fall in 15 overs, while Pakistan would make 100 runs and then lose two quick wickets.
Another claim made is that bookies had used Bollywood actresses in the fixing process.
Hawkins a sport betting journalist spent months investigating corruption in cricket. His book will be published on November 15.


  1. They were not. There were 8000 pages of evidence against only one of them, the ring leader, posh boy S A L M A N B U T T. Can people stop proclaiming innocence in the media? This little known British journalist knows the system well. There is nothing preventing these players to go through the appeal process and get their names exonerated. In the mean time can Pakistani media especially TV shows stop projecting them as experts. They are convicted criminals and the convictions will not be spent for another five years. They have permanent records with the Criminal Record Bureau.

  2. If this British Author had evidence that the three Pakistani players were innocent then why didn't he produce it when it mattered? In any case his two statements are contradictory; firstly he claims that Pakistani players were wrongly implicated and then in the same breath he says that the Pakistan team fixed the semi final with India? seems like an obvious attempt by a little known author to gather publicity for his up coming book.

  3. Ahahha does this idiot know that the players have already admitted to wrongdoing ? hahahahhaha British have lost their minds.
    Or Maybe the poor clown is trying to sell his book.

  4. yeh sab jhoot hai, the previous news by this 'ed hawkins' bhi jhoot thi– iss naam ka 'journalist' ya 'writer' boht research ke baad bhi mujhay puray UK me kahin nahi mila. kon hai? who is this person? whats up? pakistan ke peechay kyun sab parhay rahtay hain? i think there is a 'chakkar' going on and some countries/nations have deliberately started this bakwas ahead of our team's new tour soon.

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