Altaf condemns violence in city


Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) Chief Altaf Hussain sternly condemned sectarian based killings in Karachi and termed those a conspiracy for fuelling sectarian riots in the metropolis. Altaf Hussain said in a statement said that the cruel act of shedding blood of innocent people should be halted; wrath and punishment of God should not be invited by killings of innocents in the city. The MQM Chief urged scholars, preachers and orators of all religious sects to ask and preach their followers and students to remain peaceful, hold patience and maintain sectarian harmony with each other to fail ulterior motives of the conspirators in Karachi.


  1. The readers of must be grateful to PakistanToday who appears to have listened to their requests not to publish Altaf's picture with his finger pointing upwards.

    Altaf Hussain is just shedding crocodile tears by showing his concern when he is fully aware and so is his buddy Asif Zardari that MQM thugs are mostly responsible for target killings and extortion.

    Every one knows that Karachi was a peaceful city and was known as 'city of lights' but ever since this manhoos has descended the city has never seen peace. Shame on Asif Zardari who in pursuit of completing his 5 yr term in office would not give a damn to day to day killings at the hand of his coalition partners.

  2. Really get disappointed when seems someone to blame on only one person (ASIF ALI ZARDARI) what about the others who are his coalition partners? What about the Mafia of different parties who are taking stuffs likes BHATTA from the innocent persons? Do not people know that BHATTA is taking by the all party workers? Does not any one know why MQM always become a partner of the ruling party? Well I must say that all are responsible for the situation in Pakistan.

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