­Art exhibition ‘Winter Horizon’ commences today


The exhibition of artwork of four worldwide known artists Mohammad Ali Bhatti, Moazzam Ali, Maqbool Ahmed and Chitra Pritam Group Exhibition titled “Winter Horizon” will start today (Monday) at Fine Art Pakistan (FAP) Gallery
Gallery Director Asma Ahmed said that the group show of four contemporary artists of Pakistan is organized with a concept of welcoming the breezy and beautiful winter season. It will be a display of diversity of styles, colors and in particularly the portrayal of different aspects of woman in their own signature style and techniques.
Mohammad Ali Bhatti is well known for portraying desert people of thar with exciting pallet and subtle emotions. His vibrant and bold brush strokes bring life to his canvases.
Moazzam Ali’s sensuous and idealistic village women carrying Matka has been very popular. His decorative and imaginative female figures are his signature style. Maqbool Ahmed’s dream women seem to be floating in an unknown space expressing the feelings of women. His figures are juxtaposed with complex floating elements as if her dreams flying up in the infinite skies.
Chitra Pritam’s enthusiasm for spiritual rendering of women is the connotation of “Nirvana” having multiple dimensions of her deeds. All of them are very well known artists and their art works are in the collection of private and public collection. The exhibition will continue until November 19, 2012.