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Transporters block Quetta-Karachi highway to protest incidents of robberies

Transporters and drivers Sunday blocked the Quetta-Karachi highway in Mastung to protest against the continuing incidents of theft on the highway.
There have been several incidents of dacoities on the highway between Quetta and Karachi in the last few weeks when passengers were looted and deprived of their valuables by gangs of thieves.
The drivers parked their vehicles on the highway at Chungi in Mastung to register their protest over the worsening law and order situation and failure of the provincial government to check the activities of criminals.
Due to blockade of the highways, long queues of vehicles built up on both sides of the road. Later the police reached the spot and persuaded the drivers to give up their protest. They assured that adequate arrangements would be made for their security.

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  1. ahmed baloch said:

    Under PPP rule,law and order at its worst,poverty,hunger and unemployment along with corruption at its peak.This is democracy ,we were better under military rule where the law was upheld.When criminals and looters wants to rule they protest and shout for democracy becoz everything is done under the banner of democracy and democratic society just to please the west and be subservient to them.

  2. observer said:

    It doesn't matter what political party rule inside Pakistan! Majority elects the ruling party and see what is majority made up of! The people are morally dead inside Pakistan. They are ready to die any time. Pakistani extremists aand suicide bombers are over crowded in Paradise! And they are proteting against lack of space and looking for explosives!
    Just wake up Pakis. Have you ever come accross the situation, when things sattle down and you realize that you have been siding the WRONG! So, please open your eyes and shout against the wrong because one day this WRONG will go away and you will be left regretful!

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