No alliance with parties in power: Imran Khan


Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf Chairman Imran Khan has said that PTI would not make alliance with any of the parties in the Parliament.
Talking to a private television channel, Imran Khan vowed that if PTI would come to power, no one including the Senate would stop the process of change.
The PTI chief stated that after the apex court’ verdict in Asghar Khan Case, the real face of Nawaz Sharif and his party has exposed to the masses. Therefore, Nawaz Sharif among his party leadership should morally resign from politics, he added.
Khan maintained that if the allegations were proven, that he had had assistance from the ISI, he would resign from politics.
The PTI chief said that Asghar Khan was the only politician whom the entire nation extended honor, adding that he did a great job.
Commenting on the party elections, he said that the inter party elections were underway and would be completed till the second week on January.
Imran Khan was of the view that he would bring a new team on merit basis for change, adding that he would not come under pressure of anyone, while selecting the best team, he said.
He said that he was not competing with the media cell of PPP and PML-N, as both the parties were in power and wasting the money of the people on advertisement, he claimed.


  1. Most of the miseries and sufferings we face today are due to these status quo ruling parties PPP, PMLN, PMLQ, MQM and ANP. And these parties are not interested in reducing or eliminating the sufferings either. They need us only when they need our votes. PTI should not make alliance with all these ruling parties since they want change. Change can bring with these old status quo parties.

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  3. Mr. Imran' Let me make it clear i have always supported you from far away but it is also my duty to warn you. You have started suffering from hubris. My conclusions are based on your TV appearances and in the newspapers. Your first act on assuming power would be? breaking down the walls of the Governor's house. Breaking mental barriers are more important than physical ones. Asking Mr. Nawaz to resign from politics is not the right move–defeating him and others through the ballot box is the right move. A resposible politician who aspires for the highest office does not threaten

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