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IWCCI asks govt, private sector to support rural artisans

President, Islamabad Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IWCCI) Farida Rashid on Sunday said government and private sector should encourage and support rural artificers.
“We should have fully equipped training centres in rural areas to help improve quality of artisan goods by encouraging better selection of products and raw materials,” the IWCCI President said.
She said this while inaugurating an expo in which women from Hazara displayed their handiwork including paintings, embroidery, hand-painted wood and clay decorations, and handmade jewellery etc.
Lauding the high quality, uniqueness and richness of products, she said that without proper marketing and negotiating skills these efforts will remain fruitless.
“We should collectively strive to enhance the knowledge, skills, production activities, greater respect, access to markets and cultural symbolism used by women artisans,” Farida Rashid said.
Such events promote local art and help empower women; she said adding that handcraft sector must be reinvented because of the modern-era challenges but without losing the history and tales behind the traditional designs.
She called upon the leading promoters to allow craftswomen to show and sell their work at the various major expos at discounted rates as part of their corporate social responsibility drive.
Farida Rashid said that providing rural artisans an opportunity to earn a sustainable livelihood and some degree of economic freedom through supporting the production and commercialization of their goods is a noble cause.
Diversifying the scope of artisan goods and educating women in financial management and micro-enterprise will have a positive impact on their businesses and lives.
Buying products made by village artisans not only amounts to encouraging their efforts but also help preserve culture and transform households, said Farida Rashid.

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