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Comic will benefit from ‘rough spot’, says Stosur

Samantha Stosur believes Bernard Tomic hasn’t adapted to the fame and fortune his tennis career has brought him, but the Australian tennis prodigy will be a better player for having gone through his recent “rough spot”.
The women’s world No.9 didn’t have the same early success as Tomic but after three consecutive years in the top 10 she understands exactly what it takes to get to elite status and cope with the pressure to maintain that level.
Stosur said Tomic’s well-publicised troubles on and off the court were part of the growing pains of a young and talented tennis player who is yet to discover the true motivation for success.
“I think he is just going through a bit of a rough spot at the moment. I think he is going to do a lot of growing up in years to come,” Stosur said.
“I think when he realises what he can and can’t do and should and shouldn’t do then he will be better off for it.
“I think you will see him play well again in time to come and hopefully he can have a good summer.
“I was a little bit older (when I made it) and could maybe handle myself a bit better than some of those young players that all of a sudden you’re still a teenager and you’re up there and suddenly you have this fame and all this money and all this stuff. “As you get a bit older you realise what is important and what it means to you and I’m playing for the love of the sport and because I love what I’m doing and maybe some of these younger players that gets lost a little bit. “Eventually they work it out, but sometimes you have to go through those little rough spots to learn.”
Stosur is coming off another solid WTA season, but after failing to win a title in 2012 she is determined to return to the lofty heights that included a 2011 US Open title. Stosur lost two tour finals this year and remains shattered by her semi-final loss at the French Open, knowing there is still a giant leap to make if she is to reach her top three goals.
“Without a doubt, that (French Open) was probably the most disappointing tournament and week of the whole year,” she said. “Overall finishing No.9 is still pretty good, not as high as what I wanted it to be that’s for sure.
“I’d like to think (top three), but I guess time will tell. I’m certainly striving for that. I’d like to make that career high ranking better than No.4.”
Stosur visited her old Gaven Public School on the Gold Coast yesterday and has just over another week of holidays remaining before she begins training in Sydney for the Australian summer season.
After three poor tournaments on home soil last year, including a jaw-dropping first round Australian Open loss, she is determined to learn from her 2012 mistakes and succeed in 2013 starting with the Brisbane International before heading to Sydney and ultimately the home grand slam in Melbourne.

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