Nawaz should quit politics: Imran


Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan on Friday said that after the Supreme Court’s ruling on Asghar Khan’s petition, Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz (PML-N) chief Nawaz Sharif had no moral credence to continue staying in politics.
Speaking to media representatives in Lahore, PTI chief further said that “certain people who come to power through the democratic process expect that no questions should be asked pertaining to their corruption and misappropriation”.
“Nawaz Sharif should quit politics in the wake of the detailed judgment on the Asghar Khan case,” Khan said.
He added that all state institutions must operate within their constitutional ambits.
Khan further said that regardless of who would be in the Presidency at the time of the upcoming general elections, the PTI would be contesting.
He said the PTI had initiated its war against corruption and that it would take the battle to its logical conclusion.


  1. why only nawaz sharif?it shows the unprincipled and one man hate politics of imran khan.why not zardari and his criminal coalition mafia of target killers,bathakhors,with whom imran has compromised.mean and khabees who cannot own his child has no right to guide a nation.even americans,west would not allow such character but we called 'muslaman'd it.that also proves his ultra ultra liberal so called muslims,ultr ultra secular.that means zardari-the corrupt will continue,courtresy imran

    • You cannot speak for the west -we ( I live in the west) will choose who ever is better for us. Remember Monica Lewinski, we still chose Clinton as he was SMART and good for the country.

      • While i respect your opinion, please remember the Monica incident happened in Clinton,s second term. He would not have been relected if this had happened in his first term. Am i wrong?

        • The problem is that we know everything about IK's past. He has been in the limelight since his days as a young adult. On the other hand we don't know anything about the Zardaris and NS's youth. It is now evident that Zardari and NS both have committed other signicant "sins" during their life which is under current investigation. We have ALL committed some sort of sin in our life & you my friend are No exception either.

          • what sins has asif zardari committed.can you name any,as musharaf and nawaz sharif tried their best to prove something but they all failed.

          • 1) Tax evasion 2) Flaws in declaring of personal wealth 3) illegal use of goverment property & resources 4) Horse stables/export on taxpayers expense 5) Lack of accountability 6) delaying the return of judiciary even though promised by BB 7) continuing to hold two offices 8) peroforming political activity in a Presidential Office. THIS LIST CAN GO ON, ON, ON, & ON so dont bother if you are going to be ignorant about raising such questions.

          • zaffer the issue is different u mixing apples and oranges here no body talking about NS or SS personal lives neither theior kids the issue is he took money and become PM they stole public mandate that the piont and higher court in pakistan calling him guilty and demanding money back its not IK blaming him for something personal he commit its not sin its a crime and farud happened with people of pakistan lets face it better they quit will clean pakistani politics .

        • @DR remember clinton got proceeding only lying under the oath does not matter it is first or second term .if it is third term i can bet clinton still gonna win ?issue is morality not crime ?here they took money from army and become PM in 1990 what left behind when final verdict or court is mentioning name of both brothers and asking GOP to recover the money with interest ,u think any room left for NS ?its shameful what more he wants ?

      • zaffer in politics ur character is big issue when it got tainted no matter its wrong u have to go both SHARIEF brothers commit fraud with pakistani public u like a fradia to be head of state ?


  3. Why is Imran Khan obsessed with Nawaz shariff?. Is it a personal ego battle, or some score that he has to settle. Are all others, such as Zardari, Altaf, Shujaat, Fazal ur Rehman, Afzand Wali, Mulla Fazalullah etc saints, because Imran Khan hardly criticizes them. Does he have some specific agenda or task assigned by the establishment, because his political path only helps Zardari, not the interest of the people of Pakistan.

    • Its because they appeal to the same demographics..Its all about winning the elections and Nawaz is the main obstacle in his path! Ik is a bigot,a chauvinist, taliban apologist, a flip-floper and a man out of fresh ideas! (Bulldozing down our governor houses is just plain ridiculous and shows that he is planning to the galleries and taking the gullible people for a ride)

  4. This man is single handedly fighting the battle for better pakistan. The time has really come to get rid of looters like shareef brothers and zardari and give a chance to Imran Khan.
    Mind you this man is something. Give the chance, he is the one who can take pakistan one step forward.
    Let us get out of our personal prejudices and strengthen Imran Khans hands for better future for our children.

  5. Why he quit politics?, He should contest against him in Lahore and should be proved to be better choice by all ways.Nawaz was no doubt such kind of clones politicians that was planted in army's laboratory.
    Why not he now try to present this offer to MQM'S Altaf, PPPs bilwal and Zardari, JUI duffer and dangerous mullahs etc.They would well respond him in their manners.

  6. Nawaz is a failure. He should definitely after the Asghar Case is exposed that he came in to power with cheat

    • supreme court jao with evidence and prove it but here is verdict by supreme court againt hairy brothers one is blame other is proven in the court of law

  7. Imran Khan you quit the bloody and dirty politics which you are going to adopt.check youselt,then criticise others..All lutairas,oppurtunists and bhagora are around you to get good seat under your flag.beawra of these people,then you speak to theres.This is your bloody and blaster misunderstanding that once you won world cricket,you are miscalculating your assumes.PTI and PPP UNDER THE SPONSERSHIP OF THEIR ONE MASTER ARE DETERMINING TO DISRESPECT NAWAZ SHARIEF,BUT AYE ASSMAN HUM JHUKNEY WALE NAHI SO BAR TU HAMARA IMTIHAN LAY CHUKA HAI.NO DAMAGE DONE TO SHEHR-E-PAKISTAN YANI LION OF PAKISTAN NAWAZ SHARIEF ZINDABAB BAQI SAB CHAAN BOORA.

  8. IK has established and wants to promote burger class…Shah mehmood and Mr IK both studied at Aitchen that is home of burger class

    • and Nawaz and his chamchaz are very poor people. They begged bread from people. They only rob the people and want to promote robbery and corruption

  9. nawaz- sharif –pml-n- is a HONOURABLE FAMILY MAN –GOOD MUSLIM –PATRIOT- EVEN THOUGH CORRUPT POLITICIAN – most politcians are moneys corrupt …

    IMRANKHAN NIAZI – pti chairman — ashamed of his own punjabi fathet –calls himself false pathan — cheated his own mother — MORALLY CORRUPT NIGHTCLUBS DALAAL – FINANCIALLY MEGA CORRUPT living luxury with jew gamblers tips moneys –KKAFIR E ISLAM GADAAR E PAKISTAN FIRANGI GULAM $$ ££ SLAVE !!!


  10. another divider in footsteps of zardari'divide and rule.imran proving his agent no 1 even after,mean,arrogant and filthy minded politician.rightly said if he cannot own his child,how can he be trusted.such are cheap,opportunists

  11. Let the people decide in the next elections. IK has no business deciding who should be in politics or not. This right he only has as far as the compsure of his party is concerned. Let him cleanse his stables of the rot that has gathered within it. Why is he not as much critical of Zardari, or Altaf or even the great Sufi of the House of Corruption ie Ch Shujaat, or the fanatics who call themselves Taliban, for whom he has a soft corner? Can he tell us why was IK interrogated at Toronto Airport?. Was it because of a FALSE DECLARATION because a visitor is required to declare if he is carrying more than $10,000.

    • Let me enlighten you if your conscience can’t handle the truth and facts: It is a free country and IK is giving free advice! Zardari is already under the microscope of the law. NS on the other hand has avoided wrath of law until now but he will soon have to face the music He speaks of democracy, character and goodness and yet ignores the recent verdict on Asghar Khan’s case. IK was questioned by the Home Land Security on security issues (that is their prerogative). They would not ignore( unlike our country’s security agencies) if a law was being broken with regards to the transfer of cash money so if there has been no new development on the case then there is NO case.

    • @such bolo pehley tolo phir bolo it was false news i live in toronto but NS is convict by court of law thats the fact

    • @such bolo kabi canada say america guye ho? kah go suna media cell main woh likh dya tum logoon main aqal nahi hai better grow up learn the facts NS has to quit otherwise now its proven he is army man he got tainted

  12. Imran Khan and Sharjeel Memon has one thing in common and they both are at the same wavelength. Sharjeel appears to be possessed by NS and therefore in each talk on the TV channels he would spit out his venom. Similarly, for IK everyone else except him are corrupt and so on. But here Sharjeel memon and IK do not agree with each other that IK speaks consistently against AZ.

    • bhai go be hai money is taken by NS and SS not by SM or IK so they gonna keep pressure on noora league what wrong with that ?nehi tay laney paisy to yeh din dekhtay

  13. Lanat hai un sub pe jo abhi bhi nawaz shareef ko support kerte hai. In logo ka koi moral stance nahi hai bus choro ko support kerna hai to kerna hai koi khuch bhi kahe.

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