MM Alam rebuilding project to take off


M M Alam road, named after the famous Pakistan Air Force pilot who brought down five Indian jets, is finally going to be rebuilt, Pakistan Today has learnt. According to sources, a budget of Rs 44 crore is being finalised and the construction work will start soon.
Reconstruction on this road has been in the works for many months. This road is among the busiest roads in the city, and is known for its cafes, restaurants, fashion houses and major stores. Built it in 1980, the road has seen little construction work, with only a few patches touched up at various points in the past.
“We have been very concerned about the state of this road,” said one man. “Whenever we come to Lahore, we are shocked by the terrible condition the road is in,” he said.
One café owner said that the people have always been concerned since there are always plans announced to rebuild the road, but no progress is seen.
Ahmad Naeem, a visitor to Lahore, said that if a workable plan was put into effect, MM Alam has the potential of becoming one of the most famous places in the city. He complained about the lack of proper parking and the traffic congestion. According to reports, a proper parking system and a dual-lane road with street lights is also a part of the proposal to rebuild the historic road.