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Govt seeks review of SC’s interim order in Balochistan case

The federation on Thursday filed a petition in the Supreme Court requesting it to review its order in the Balochistan law and order case.
On October 12, the SC had issued an interim order on a petition on the law and order and human rights violations in Balochistan, stating that the provincial government had constitutionally failed to curb human rights violations, targeted killings and kidnappings for ransom in the province. The order had stated that the provincial government had failed to establish the writ of law and had lost the authority to govern the province in accordance with the constitution.
The federation’s petition stated that the order was “extremely dangerous” for the country and was based on assumptions, adding that through the ruling, an attempt had been made to revive the spirit of the 17th Amendment. The petition moreover stated that the judiciary’s involvement in the country’s politics was a violation of Article 5 of the constitution, adding that the judges could not violate their oaths, adding that the court’s order was not in accordance with the authority that the constitution had placed in the judiciary.

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