NATO oil tankers cross Torkham border after a year


After a year-long suspension of NATO oil tanker supplies, two oil tankers entered into Afghanistan through the Torkham border crossing on Wednesday.
According to details, strict security arrangements were made for the oil tankers on the road leading to Torkham crossing. NATO supplies had been suspended a year ago when US aircraft bombed the Salala checkpost in Mohmand Agency in November last year.
After an apology by the United States, supplies through Pakistani land routes were reopened in July but the supplies could not be resumed through Torkham border due to security issues, and differences between tanker owners and logistic companies over payment of dues.
The political administration officials said necessary security arrangements had been made to make the tankers safe from possible attacks.
The officials demanded fix timings be ensured for the movement of NATO supply tankers to avoid any attacks and secure the local civil population from losses.