Marvi Memon blames PPP of doing politics of terrorism


PML-N’s central leader Marvi Memon has accused the PPP of doing politics of terrorism and forced occupation of land.
Talking to media here on Thursday, Marvi Memon expressed her serious concern over increase in the incidents of target killings in Karachi, Hyderabad and other cities of Sindh.
She said the PML-N would form the Government in Sindh in cooperation with nationalist parties after the general elections and bring an end to the politics of PPP.
She said the PML-N is the only party which has the capacity to resolve the problems of the people.
She alleged that the PPP was indulging in politics of victimization against PML-N in Thatta.
To a question, Marvi Memon said the nationalist parties were justified to protest over the local government system in Sindh.


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  1. Marvi is an intelligent and brave lady. She is one of a few politicians who is working at grass root level. You will find her debating issues of national importance on the media on one day and you will find her among marura of rural Sindh who have been left at the mercy of nature as a result of recent devastating floods due to rainfall. Whatever her role in the past but at present she has proven herself real Sindhi who is fighting against imposition of unjust local government ordinance.

  2. Marvi Memon is nothing more than a cheap w h o r e. However, I would not pay to have her. If she was free that would be a different story. I have no respect for people who jump ship constantly. She is one of them.

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