Two kidnappers arrested in Lahore


A police constable who kidnapped his nephew for ransom and a rickshaw driver who abducted a little girl and married with her forcibly, have been arrested by police in Lahore.
According to police, a rickshaw driver, Ali Raza, kidnapped a 12-year-old girl Sonia Ataria from Hinjarwal area and married her forcibly.
After Supreme Court’s orders, Police recovered the girl and arrested three persons for involvement in the crime.
Another case of abduction took place in Kahna area where a police constable Ajmal kidnapped his two and half years’ old nephew and demanded one million rupees as ransom.
The local police arrested the culprit uncle and recovered the child from his custody. The kidnapper constable told in police custody that he is a drug addict and to meet his financial need he kidnapped his nephew.
Police have registered cases of both abduction incidents and started investigation from the held culprits.
Very soon both cases’ will be forwarded before the court, informed the police.