Ante upped against industries violating environmental law


Sindh Minister for Environment and Alternate Energy, Shaikh Muhammad Afzal has said that the government would further intensify the ongoing campaign against industries creating environmental hazards and smoke emitting vehicles on the road.
Talking to different delegations at his office, he referred to the burning of hospital and industrial waste and said these created health problems which posed a great threat to the health and lives of citizens.
The minister said that cases against those responsible for creating environmental hazards would be referred to the tribunal for action as per the environmental law.
Expressing concern over degrading environment, he said people were violating environmental laws in Sindh with immunity.
He said that it was necessary for all to obtain a certificate from the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) for construction of buildings and industrial units, but nobody cared about fulfilling the formalities.
The minister said that industrialists and other people had been taking advantage of the darkness at night and disposed off waste material in different areas of the city. Surprisingly, legal action had only been initiated against the vehicles which were being used for transporting the waste material and the institutions and organizations had been spared altogether.