Parliament or SC to decide COAS’s statements according to constitution: Rana Sanaullah


Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah on Tuesday said that parliament and Supreme Court of Pakistan can decide that Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani had given statements according to constitution.
Talking to media persons outside the Punjab Assembly here, he said that the country could not face more adventures and there is no threat to democracy.
He said that the statement given by COAS could not be linked with the chief justice’s statement.
He said that some former generals had hurt the country and their black spots could not be washed. The Punjab law minister said that former ISI chief general Ahmed Shujaa Pasha had created a new political party in the country.
Rana Sanaullah said that any individual or institution would not be allowed to delay holding of general polls in the country but the elections should be held on schedule, adding that the PML-N would strongly resist if anybody tried to delay the elections.
He said that establishment had been interfering in general elections since 1977, adding that the PPP Punjab president Manzoor Wattoo had also received Rs100 million in 1991 for launching long march against the government. Arif Habib had recorded his statement in this regard, he added.
The law minister stressed that they should learn lesson from past mistakes and go ahead for development of the country.
He said that young doctors should stage protest within constitutional limits, adding the government should take strict action against those protesters who violated rule and regulations.
The Punjab law minister said that Punjab Governor Sardar Latif Khosa had always created trouble in any matters instead of resolving it.
He asked the governor to play role for arresting Touqeer Sadiq who was allegedly involved in corruption scandal of Rs82 billion.


  1. PML (N) and PPP and MQM are the illegal sons of army. the only true political party in Pakistan is PTI. accept the fact!

    • And IK is a biggot! I would rather vote for Nawaz than a mad man who wishes to shoot down american drones, raze governor houses and make peace with the taliban!

  2. If parliament will pass a law that before any speech COAS should have alchol test then it would be easier for public to understand the mental state of our COAS.No one can assume that how much he takes before any official statement like that too enhance his power intoxicated state.

  3. kiayani and zardari are romantic partners. They will always come to each other's defense. The illetrate and corrupt parliament shoud not have the right to decide anything. Their decisions, so far, have destroyed the country.

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