Jennifer Lopez shows off her sensual side in ‘Parker’


Pop diva and fashionista Jennifer Lopez knows how to create a buzz about herself. The 43-year-old sultry beauty, who is known for her high profile relationships in real life, will now be seen romancing action star Jason Statham in the upcoming film, Parker. Jennifer Lopez, known as JLo in the industry, has left no stone unturned to flaunt her sculpted body in the crime thriller. She is playing Leslie, a go-getter real estate agent, who helps her associate to fulfill his mission. However, more than her acting skills, her lip locks with Statham and a stripping scene in the film will surely generate lots of eagerness for the cine goers. The kissing scene under a shower is so passionate that even Statham admitted feeling the heat. According to him, JLo is absolutely an amazing actor and he was rather nervous while filming the scene with her. Parker is JLo’s another prime movie after What to Expect When You’re Expecting. She was last seen in this romantic comedy while playing the role of a doting mother, Holly. Based on American writer D E Westlake’s crime fiction Flashfire, the movie is directed by Taylor Hackford and is scheduled to release on January 25, 2013.