Sheikh Panju shrine blown up in Peshawar


The Sheikh Panju shrine located in a graveyard on Phandu Chowk in Peshawar was blown up on Saturday evening, but there were no casualties. The explosion has damaged the boundary wall of the shrine. Police and Bomb Disposal Squads have been dispatched to the site for inspection. Earlier on Friday, a medium-intensity remote-controlled bomb planted inside Mian Umar Chamkani’s shrine in Peshawar was defused by the Bomb Disposal Squad.
Unidentified assailants had planted the three kilogramme explosive device inside the crowded shrine where devotees gather in large numbers every Friday. On Eid day, a bomb went off outside the main gates of a shrine in Nowshera killing four people. Two blasts have targeted the same shrine over the past five years, but both occurred at night and there was no loss of life. In the past, terrorists have also attacked Rehman Baba’s shrine and Panj Pir shrine in Harzar Khwani.


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