‘PPP always sacrificed to stabilise democracy’


National Assembly Deputy Speaker, Faisal Karim Kundi said that the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) always made sacrifices for the sake of maintaining a stable democratic culture and political system in the country.
Talking to APP, he said the PPP government was committed to solve the problems of the common man and for this purpose all out efforts were being made to achieve the objectives.
He said all the political forces were equally bound to work for the welfare, progress and prosperity of the country.
While answering a query, he said that every party was sitting in the parliament because of the support of the people of their respective constituencies and it was the duty of these politicians to utilize all available resources for the uplifting of their areas.
Kundi said that the PPP came into power with majority votes of the people of this country and the government was fully committed to provide relief to the masses.
Answering another question, he said that democracy was flourishing in the country and the government would successfully complete its five-year tenure.