Osama film to debut two days before US election


A film dramatising the death of al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden is set to debut two days before the US presidential election.
The film, a Harvey Weinstein production, will be aired on November 4, two days before President Barack Obama faces Republican challenger Mitt Romney at the polls. Weinstein is believed to be a big supporter and a prominent fundraiser for Obama’s re-election campaign. The timing of the film’s release prompted suggestions that it was deliberately intended to affect the voter’s choice. ‘Seal Team Six: The Raid On Osama bin Laden’, directed by John Stockwell, will air on the National Geographic Channel. The film was intended for a big-screen release until the channel made, what it called, a ‘pre-emptive bid’ for it. The film will be available to Netflix US subscribers a day after its premiere.


  1. why alqaeeda leadership has not confirmed the death of osama in 'seal'operations.how can the film be believed since it is a 'film' which is made to the suiting of producer.it is not live production.unless alqeeda confirms osmama was killed in this operation,it will leave it doubts.his sea burial,not showing his dead body will always leacve doubt about american version.however,it is ';film'no doubt

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