Non approval of public transport route triggers protests


Non-approval of public transport route from Qasim Market to Misrial road Chakra chowk has aggravated travelling woes of the residents.
The residents of the vicinities and suburbs numbered into thousands but they were unfortunate to not being able to enjoy any public transport facility due to non approval of route for plying public transport.
All the vicinities house a diverse collection of people ranging from government employees, working class, business community to school and college going boys and girls. Statistically they outnumbered any faction of society and had now come together to voice their protest against non approval of public transport route.
“We are from the labor force and are facing the dilemma of inflation and price upsurge which forces us to make spending according to the pricing limitations of daily use items allow. We cannot even send our children to quality schools because of sky rocketing fee packages. This situation goes grave when lack of public transport facility comes in the way of our livelihood. Non-availability of this facility has constrained us to seek education for our children in private schools operating in our localities where everything is provided barring education but the fees are exorbitant and beyond our reach”, said residents of the affected areas. If public transport plied on the road near them, then their miseries would be minimized to a considerable extent, said a group of housewives.
The residents said that they were low paid government and private sector employees and had to hire taxis which were beyond their financial access to reach their offices. The residents demanded the approval of public transport route for them to lessen their woes.