Bickering begins in buses as reduced CNG transport fares remain unimplemented


Announcement on the reduction in fares of the intra-city CNG transport by the Punjab government is yet to be implemented and the confusion is leading to confrontation between commuters and the transport crew daily.
Punjab government announced a reduction in fares of intra-city CNG transport by up to 28 percent and intercity by 30 percent following decrease in CNG prices on orders by the Supreme Court.
Minimum fare (stop-to-stop fare) for public transport has been reduced from Rs 16 to Rs 13.
The new rates were applicable from November 1 as announced by the provincial government but despite the passing four days the transporters have not reduced fares, commuters M Shahid, Nadim Hussain and Khalid Ahmed said on Sunday.
They said transporters who were plying on different routes in the provincial capital also misbehaved with the commuters when they were asked to charge the reduced fare.
They alleged that most of buses and wagons were owned by people associated with the ruling party in the province and no official of the Lahore Transport Company or other concerned authorities was taking interest in implementation of reduction in transport fare.
The general manger (Operational) Lahore Transport Company when contacted said the company was making an effort to implement the reduced fares. However, he refused to elaborate the “efforts” that the department was making.