Baloch holds US responsible for disturbing world peace


Jamaat-i-Islami (JI) Pakistan Central Leader, Liaquat Baloch said that the United States (US) is responsible for disturbing world peace and the country has to stop following anti-Islam policies to achieve stability.
Baloch said that for the past many years, the US and its allies had been trying to destabilize the Islamic revolution but had failed to accomplish their satanic designs against Iran.
He said the leader of the Islamic revolution, Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khomeini had correctly pointed out that the US government had been involved in a variety of anti-Iran campaigns in the past 34 years since the victory of the Islamic revolution.
He was referring to the remarks made by Khomeini in a meeting with thousands of Iranian students on the eve of National Students Day (November 3rd.)
Baloch also said that the Iranian nation under the guidance of Khomeini had realized their destiny.
The religious leader was of the view that since the victory of Iran’s Islamic revolution, the US had been making all out efforts to weaken Iran.
“US had to face shameful defeat after the Iranian nation toppled the government of a US backed tyrant ruler,” the JI leader stated. He went on to say that Khomeini had successfully crossed all the obstacles to achieve the victory in the Islamic revolution and defeated the imperialist government of the US. “The world is fed up of the anti-Islam and anti-human policies of the US,” he opined.
Baloch further said that the US was following a policy based on double standards. He pointed out that the US was behind all the conspiracies against Muslims because they wanted to please the Zionists.
Baloch observed that the US foreign policy was being controlled by the Zionists.
He added that the Islamic revolution of Iran had been a source of inspiration behind the present day Islamic movements in the Arab world.
“The Islamic revolution had shown the right path to Muslims,” stressed the JI leader. He said that the Iranian leaders had proved it time and again that the western conspiracies could not shake their steadfastness.
He asked all Muslim countries to support Iran in fighting the western designs against the Islamic Ummah.