Baldness? You’ve hormonal problem!


Every second Pakistani, above 50 years of age, is exposed to baldness and almost 70 percent of the people aged between 10 to 35 years complain of pimples. A recent report based on presentations by dermatologists from different parts of the country also cited a significant number of local women to be suffering from this obesity. The three different conditions distinctively registered among the two genders and also among people of specific age groups were said to be closely linked to hormonal disturbance, needing proper intervention. The dermatologists urged need to correct the rampant impression that interventions to treat hair fall, pimples and boils as well as excessive weight gain were basically cosmetic in nature. Increasing trend to grow hair through hair transplantation is not simply to enhance ones appearance but also holds psychological as well as medical impact, said Dr Aftab Mitha. Dr Mohammad Zaim recommended that cosmetic surgery and cosmetic dermatology may not be categorized as a luxury that can be availed only by the affluent sections of the society. He said the two disciplines were closely linked to social issues as relationships do get affected due to deformities in our society too. As per report the dermatologists claimed that cosmetic dermatology and cosmetic surgery offered in Pakistan was comparatively quite cost effective.