Three killed in Dera Bugti landmine blast


Two women and a child were killed and three others critically injured in a landmine blast in Dera Bugti district of Balochistan on Thursday.
They were traveling on foot when the landmine exploded.
Two women and a child died on the spot, whereas, the three injured women were shifted to Sui Hospital where they were reported to be in a critical condition.
Dera Bugti area is a hotspot for an ethnic Baloch-led insurgency that wants the impoverished province to have more autonomy and a greater share of the money derived from its natural resources.
Hundreds of people have died in violence ripping through the province since the insurgency flared in late 2004.
The region has also been hit by attacks blamed on banned Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA).


  1. These Terrorist/BLA and BNP and many others are anti pakistani criminals who wants to loot the province on one hand and demand more rights,they kill innocent on one hand and threat the locals all the time and demand more rights,they are blackmailing the federal govt.These terrorist and anti pakistani shall be treated in the same way as they are treating the innocents in balochistan.Show no mercy or have no dialogue with them.these are the goons and criminals who terrorise the people and the country and yet blackmail and cry foul for more rights.

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