Shahbaz directs foolproof security for Muharram


Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif has directed the law enforcement agencies to ensure foolproof security for Muharram.
In a meeting — attended by provincial ministers, chief secretary, inspector general police and other concerned officers — to review security measures on Thursday, the CM said that implementation of a thorough security plan must be ensured during the month.
The CM said that indiscriminate action must be conducted against propagators of provoking and hate speeches. “Ban on usage of loud speakers, wall chalking and showing off arms must be enforced strictly,” the CM added.
Shahbaz said also directed the authorities to establish a command and control room in the provincial capital to monitor the security situation.


  1. Dont worry, Rehman Malik will stop the GSM networks for whole month and voila! foolproof security!

  2. ShaShahbaz directs foolproof security for Muharram and same as those who are planner of terrorism in Pakistani soil have an edge for making directs foolproof terrorism plans for Muharram.

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