Saeed offers aid to Sandy affectees


Found of banned Laskar-e-Taiba Hafiz Saeed has offered help to the people affected by superstorm Sandy.
The telegraph quoted him saying he was ready to send humanitarian assistance regardless of what US propagated about him as helping storm-battered American people was a religious as well as a moral duty.
It is pertinent to mention Saeed is founder of the banned Laskhar-e-Taiba and head of the Jamaatud Dawa. It is also noteworthy that US has recently announced a bounty of $10 million for capture or information which leads to his capture and is blamed for his alleged involvement in Mumbai attack.


  1. @Nusrat Bukhari: Damn !! People are still unaware what Hafiz Saeed’s NGO worked during floods and earthquakes in Pakistan…

    Go, first check-out appreciation from UNO then comment

  2. He knows he will be rejected so what is harm in this offer.
    He should keep his offer for coming days in Pakistan as his mother Pak army is sooner planning to launch huge combat to some areas of Pakistan and as per routine after spreading all kind of destruction he would be called to spread his wings of social jobs to attract more locals for further militancy reprograms in same areas.
    this is the way both support each other just like USA and UN First USA spread mass destruction then UN is called on to provide rehabilitation programs to these areas

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